Do You Really Understand Personal Branding?

Sometimes people think a personal brand is a logo, but that has nothing to do with personal branding. The confusion is that they confuse personal branding with corporate branding. Your personal brand is essentially the mark you leave by how you conduct yourself and communicate. It’s part of the skill set you bring to the table, your values and your personality. It’s who you are as a person, especially as it relates to your career. However, who you are in your personal life is also part of your brand. That’s why you should consider hiring any personal branding consultant. They can give you an outside perspective on how you are perceived and provide the guidance needed to make any necessary adjustments.

Some people don’t think they need a personal brand. The truth is that everyone needs a personal brand, especially these days when social media plays such an important role in how you’re viewed. If you consider influencers on Instagram, it’s easy to see why companies pay them so much money to sell their products. It’s because they have developed a personal brand that aligns with the mission, vision and values of the company. That doesn’t necessarily have to be entirely true, but there was something about the influencer’s personal brand that caused them to be chosen by the company to sell their products.

There have been many statements issued by companies when one of their employees made the headlines in the news for being offensive in some way. The statements will usually communicate their opposition to what was said or done. It’s because they want to protect their brand to ensure it is not diminished by what has occurred. From a practical standpoint, building your brand is a way of navigating your career. It’s a way of being intentional about how you are perceived, especially in the job force. Often perception is not reality, which is why everyone should be proactive when it comes to developing their brand.

There are many ways in which people develop their personal brand. These days it has a lot to do with managing social media accounts. However, it’s also connected to other elements, such as your resume. Part of developing your personal brand is communicating your strengths with clarity. A key element of building your brand is sharing your knowledge with the world. Everyone has to start somewhere, and nobody starts out knowing everything. By sharing your knowledge, you’ll gain more confidence along the way. In the process, you’ll be able to strengthen your personal brand.

Sometimes people think they have to act like a certain person or be a specific way to build their brand, when that’s not the case at all. Actually, the opposite is true. To build your brand, you should be yourself because there is nobody else like you. In fact, you should have your own style and way of doing things because that’s how others will connect with you. Authenticity is always the best plan.