How To filter the Good from the Great Cleaning Service Companies

Spring is around the corner, and that can mean only one thing, that’s right, spring cleaning. Recent data shows that more and more people are seeking out the aid of a cleaning service. However many are a little wary about bringing in a set of total strangers into their homes. Additional factors such as price may also be a concern of yours. You might have received advice such as simply hiring a cleaning lady; however, bringing in on board a full fledge cleaning service team has a tremendous amount of benefits that one single person simply can’t provide. So, what should you look for in a cleaning service company? The following are some of the ways to make sure that you pick the right team for the job.

Seek out Referrals From Family 
One of the easiest ways to begin your search for a cleaning service is to simply ask your friends or family about any company they have done business with. This could be within their own homes or business such as in a Commercial Building Maintenance Services atlanta ga. This method is a great way to find out the quality of work that a cleaning service does and not simply what they claim to deliver within their website. Friends and family usually have your best interest at heart and will more likely than not tell you the truth about a certain cleaning service.

Don’t Read Too Much Into Online Reviews 

The thing about online reviews is that happy customers rarely write them. Statistics show that an unhappy customer will be more likely to write a review than that of a satisfied customer. Therefore it is advised to take these online reviews with a grain of salt. However, if the company seems to have nothing but negative reviews, then maybe you should take that as a red flag and move onto researching another company. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we see the company that has nothing but positive reviews on their website. This also should raise some red flags as companies have been known to pay for positive reviews or simply write them themselves to boost their image.

Insurance and Liability 

When detail cleanings go on within a home, the fact is that something may break in the process. Therefore it is imperative to find out if the cleaning service company you are choosing has the right insurance to cover any or all damages that occur during the project. Although an insured company may charge more per hour, one should not skip out on this critical aspect of the decision process. A few more dollars to have the right company is better than having to pay thousands in damages.

Every home is different, and, therefore, its needs are different. We highly recommend contacting the cleaning service company and finding out if they offer custom jobs or modifications to their packages. Doing this can help you get your job done in a quick and effective manner without having to shell out more for unnecessary services.