Interesting Tips on Buying Water Softeners

Try surviving a day without water. You will hardly go by an hour. We use water for cooking, hygiene services, and many more. That is why it is integral that you have it in abundant supply. However, your water source really matters. If you are supplied hard water, you will need a water softener; a unit that softens water by eliminating the minerals that create the hardness. There are several issues that hard water can create in your home. It clogs pipes, make it hard for soap and detergent to dissolve and leaves water spots. You will even experience a harder time trying to heat your water because of the scale build up. The only fix is to remove the calcium and magnesium via a water softener.

Types of Water Softeners

Hard water is more of a potential expense than a health issue. Majority of the problems created by hard water stay concealed until some malfunction happens in the plumbing system or an appliance. You’ve probably heard the term “ion exchange” when looking for a Home Water Softener overland park ks. This is the most popular technology in water softening, however, there are others more.

Salt Based Ion Exchange Softener and Dual-Tank Water Softener

Its operation principle is reliant on ion exchange, replacing sodium for all the hard minerals present in the hard water. You basically get two tanks; one is filled with special resin blades and the other with brine. With the conventional single-tank water softener, it is designed to cut off the supply when it’s recharging. This usually happens at night meaning you will be cut off the water supply until the regeneration cycle is complete. Once you have a dual-tank water softener, you eliminate this downtime and ascertain you have a constant supply of water. You get a continuous supply of softened water.

Salt-Free Water Softener and Magnetic Water Softener

What this basically means is that you get regeneration of your hard water using potassium chloride instead of sodium. It is a great strategy for those that are cautious about their salt intake. Although it doesn’t get rid of water hardness, you get to eliminate the scaling effect. It is a sophisticated technology that gets plugged to the incoming pipe. It creates a magnetic field that alters the electromagnetic properties of calcium-bicarbonate so that the piping system repels them.

How to Choose the Best

You are likely wondering of the different water softeners in the market, how do you know the perfect fit for your home? It comes down to the size and features. If your household is large, you will need one that can take care of your family’s water needs. You don’t have to purchase the biggest one, but the capability of removing hardness from the water without regeneration problems is your primary objective. What features does the water softener possess? How is the regeneration cycle controlled? Is it fully automatic? Before settling on a firm to deliver and install the water softener, get different quotes. Ensure that they are based on the same properties. Though not a risk to your health, hard water can expose you to considerable expenses in plumbing and appliance repair. Installing the right water softener will save you a lot.