Planning an Award Ceremony at Work

Every large business, even small, should take the time once a year to award employees for their accomplishments at the company for the past year to help them feel appreciated and well-valued by you as their boss. When you start planning the award ceremony, you will want to find a company that sells awards, create invitations, and start planning for a catering service. Always be sure to keep in mind everyone’s different tastes and try to incorporate a little bit of every employee into making this an award ceremony that they will never forget for years to come.

Finding a Company That Sells Awards

One of the first stages of planning an award ceremony is finding an Acrylic Corporate Award Supplier to handle your needs for employee awards. By choosing a supplier to take over this part of planning for you, you can be stress-free when it comes to finding the perfect award for each employee that you will be celebrating. Another great benefit to finding a supplier is that if you buy in bulk, you normally will receive a large discount than if you were to purchase every one separately.


When you start deciding on the invitations you will be sending out, your best bet is to send the invitation out through work emails so everyone receives it on time. Although paper invitations allow you to be creative in your own way, you never know if there will be a delay in the mail which will result in certain employees not receiving theirs. By sending them electronically, you are also able to add music, digital designs, or anything else you may think will catch their eye or make them laugh upon opening it.

Catering Services

Choosing the perfect catering service can basically make or break the award ceremony that you are planning because we all know not everyone has the same taste when it comes to food. Before you even start planning the catering part of the ceremony, you will want to find out if any of your employees have specific allergies to certain foods or if there is something they absolutely refuse to eat if served. Ordering food that people are going to avoid is a sure way to have being become agitated or even sick from eating an item that contains something their body is allergic to.

By choosing an award coming to purchase awards from for your employees and hiring a catering service for your dinner menu, you can keep everyone in awe as they walk through the door for the ceremony. Every employee should either be given a weeks advance on when the ceremony or it should be held during a workday to make sure that every employee is able to make it that will be receiving an award. Be sure to take the time during the ceremony to let all of your employees know just how much they are appreciated and that their work there does not go unnoticed.