Prevent Issues and Get Your Crawl Space Waterproofed

There are a few very good reasons why you need to waterproof your crawl space. Of course, it is best to have your crawl space waterproofed when your home is built, but if you move into a home that has not had its crawl space waterproofed, you’ll want to get it done right away as it will prevent a vast array of issues. It will ensure that your investment, your home, will be protected and that your home will be free of mildew and mold. It will also help to prevent floods and any infestations of insects that like water. You may also find that you have an unpleasant odor in your basement caused by dampness in your crawl space.

If you need to get crawl space waterproofing birmingham al, you’ll keep any water out and prevent exterior damage. This is especially important if your home is near a lake, pond, or river. When you get your crawl space waterproofed your crawl space will be protected against moisture, and your foundation will be less likely to rot. Your crawl space induces air circulation. Your crawlspace makes it possible to get to your piping, ductwork, and insulation and is about two feet by three feet normally. They also run the length and width of your home, and many are built on a foundation of cinder blocks. Even a small amount of water or moisture could mean trouble and create a breeding ground for mold and fungi. Eventually, if left untreated, the cinder block and the wood framing of your home will become weakened as they rot and can even cause serious structural damage to your home.

When you get your crawl space waterproofed you may need to spend a bit on money to do it, but you are saving your home from extensive damage that could even destroy it. You will also save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs not to mention the headache of cleaning up your crawl space if you get a mold, mildew, or insect problem. You may also get a sump pump installed which is a machine that will manually pump water away from your home. This is more common in homes where the natural grade of the land under the foundation doesn’t drain water effectively or quickly enough and causes flooding.

In addition to having your crawl space waterproofed you will also want to have gutters in place to have any water from rain directed away from your home. If you get your crawl space waterproofed but do not have gutters or other techniques in place for keeping water away for your home, you are fighting an uphill battle. If you have water in your crawl space, you need to get it out right away as it can worsen by the day. You should have a professional take care of it immediately so that you can keep your home dry and prevent a musky smell from turning your basement into an unpleasant place to hang out.