The Importance of Signage in Real Estate

In the world of real estate, marketing is one of the biggest keys to success. To stand out and be recognized, real estate agents should ensure they are actively involved in getting their properties and services noticed. These are the most important factors in successful real estate marketing. Today, there are many ways real estate companies and agents can ensure they are visible. Certainly, having a strong internet presence is a must. However, unlike other industries, there are many traditional forms of marketing that are still significant in real estate.

Understanding the Role of Signage

Traditional forms of marketing that are still necessities in real estate include print ads and signage. While both play an important role, signage is of greater importance. Since advertising can be placed online to replace some print advertising, there are still ways to make prospect impact without print advertising. However, there is no other form of successful on-site marketing that can replace the use of real estate signs.

In fact, signage is one of the biggest marketing tools for real estate agents and real estate companies both commercially and residentially. The power of this repetitive marketing is critical to business growth. Signage is a powerful marketing tool in three important categories:

• Signage is an important tool for people who are actively looking for property and are being marketed to from other forms of advertising
• Signage is a powerful name brand builder
• Signage is a powerful prospect creator for people may not otherwise be in the marketplace

As a name brand builder, signage recognition builds a company name and logo through exposure. Repeated use of signage can be the primary tool to establish business name recognition if real estate signage is created with the conformity of the company’s logo. Over time, a company that is working on establishing themselves in a community will see a much greater impact on name brand recognition using conformity signage. Since signage is repeatedly used by agents across a community, the company name gets constant recognition in many areas of the town or city it is being used in.

Signage as a Broadcast Tool

In addition to signage playing a major role in name brand building, signage plays an even greater role as a broadcast tool. Signage on properties allows for passers-by to understand that a property is being marketed. While advertising in other platforms such as print, and the internet can create potential phone calls of interest, the person inquiring may not have as much interest when they learn of the property location. By contrast, people who are drawn to a property from signage may not have seen the property for sale or lease through advertising but are drawn to it via a drive by.

People who drive by a property and discover it is available to buy or lease already know the location and aesthetics of the property before they inquire. This makes the person inquiring a better prospect. In fact, some people who see a property is available for purchase or lease by driving by may not have even been actively looking for a property but become intrigued by the sign and aesthetics. This makes signage an important prospect creator.