The Invasive Beetle to Fear

There are many issues that trees can have. Trees can catch diseases and they can fail to thrive in an imperfect environment. One of the worst problems for trees is to become infested with something that ultimately kills them.

Canada and the United States have both been victims to some very invasive and destructive species of bugs that are killing trees. The Emerald Ash Borer is one of these invasive bugs that thrives in ash trees and decimates them in the process.

Denver, Colorado is an area that lies just outside of the Rocky Mountains of the American West. For those who have visited the Rocky Mountain National Park, you are familiar with the forests that are home to huge herds of elk and other forest creatures. The forests of the United States and Canada are fighting this bug that threatens to kill every ash tree that is exposed to them. It is easy to spot the infected forest areas because the trees turn brown, an indication that they are dying. Emerald Ash Borer treatment Denver CO is very important.

This bug has made its way from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains and is beginning to spread further westward. Canada is also experiencing the same type of spread, from the East to the West. The ash borer does exactly what its name implies. This beetle bores a hole into the trunk of a tree, laying eggs that become larvae that feast upon the tree. When mature, they crawl out. Typically, the trees turn brown and begin to die at the tops, also referred to as the crown of the tree.

As you might imagine, this is a very sad sight to see. Brown trees begin to outnumber the green trees in some areas of the forest. The good news is that this bug has a very limited range of flight. With quick intervention, there is hope for saving the Ash trees.

Treatment consists of using insecticides and can done by arborists. Doing everything we can to help the woodpecker populations thrive in these areas is important. Woodpeckers eat the larvae and help to control the infestations naturally. When you are hiking and camping, especially tourists who are traveling to and from the region from other parts of the country, should not transport wood to or from other areas. It is very important not to transport firewood out of the state you are camping in.

To put it simply, do not cut firewood in Maryland and bring it to California. You could very well be bringing larvae and bugs to invade a new state. Like a disease, these bugs spread and kill more trees. They have already caused billions of dollars of damage across North America and killed millions of trees. This has an impact on industries that rely on ash. Some companies have relied upon ash to produce their wares. Many electric guitar bodies are made of ash, due to the quality of tone and the light weight of this type of wood. Save the trees by being more aware.