Why A Home’s Gutter System Is A Critical Defense Against Water Damage

A home’s gutter system is incredibly important for keeping water from damaging a home. They collect rain that falls on the roof and then either discharge it away from the home or send it into the municipal stormwater system. Gutter systems should be visually inspected by homeowners at least twice a year and a professional gutter contractor should be hired when any damage is spotted.

This Wikipedia article details the history of gutters and what types of materials and designs are used in the modern era. The gutter system was first designed by the Romans who brought this invention throughout Europe. During the Dark Ages knowledge of gutter systems was lost but was reintroduced by the Normans in England. Both the Tower of London and the White Tower had gutter systems installed on them.

Nowadays, gutter systems can use a variety of different materials. They are often now made using stainless steel. This type of steel doesn’t rust, is highly durable, looks good, and is pretty easy to clean. Gutter guards can be installed on them which helps to keep larger materials out of the gutter system such as leaves.

There are many gutter repair fairfax va contractors who can help homeowners who spot damage to their gutter systems. They can remove the problematic sections of the gutter system and replace them with new gutters. This is important because broken gutters can lead to water collecting around the house at the ground level, causing rot, mildew, and mold. If too much water collects it can flood a basement or crawlspace leading to even more water damage issues.

As this Angie’s List article points out debris can collect in a gutter. This can lead to the roof leaking or other water damage both inside and outside of a home. Gutters should be cleaned out at least twice a year and possibly more often if there are a large number of tall leafy trees around the home.

Some homeowners clean out their own gutters. It can be pretty dangerous for homeowners to do themselves, though, so it is often best left to the professional gutter cleaning and repair people. Over 240,000 people in the United States end up in the ER each year as they fell off the ladder while cleaning their gutters.

Another service the gutter repair and cleaning teams can do is clean out the downspouts attached to the gutter system. Debris can clog downspouts which means that rain collects above these clogs and the gutters end up overflowing. Experts advise that the downspouts be cleared out about every four months depending on how many trees there are in the yard. It is usually leafs from trees that cause the most issues for gutter systems.

If a gutter guard system is in place than the gutters and downspouts might only need to be cleaned out once a year to every three years. The frequency depends on how good the gutter guard system is and both how many trees are in the yard and what types of tree they are.